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National Scenic Area, national 4A level scenic spots
Taihu is a national scenic area, national 4A level scenic spots, National Forest Wetland Park, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area and national agricultural tourism demonstration sites Huating lake, thousand mountains, boundless expanse of water, enjoy the "Dabie mountain lake first" reputation; 5000 Fair Park is the national 4A level scenic spots, national culture industry demonstration base, Chinese folk culture industry demonstration base; the Liu Deng army cadres meeting site, Zhao Puchu cultural park at the very meaning of the lion mountain and built the ancestral Chan Tang Jin Dynasty Buddhist temple, the temple will be built in the Tang Dynasty, wind temple now are well preserved.
Taihu Anqing scenery
Anqing, Taihu, with many amazing beautiful scenery
Zhao Puchu Cultural Park
Xi nine wells
Fair Park
Hoi Hui Temple
Wind Temple
Ten miles Gallery
Lion Rock
Taihu River Valley rafting
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